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Romeo L Quoi Jr

I aspire to become a Technology Enterprise Manager with diverse skills in Data Science, web development, computer programming language, software development and etc., in order to contribute and provide solutions to the many Information Technology challenges faced by organizations, institutions and improve the livelihood of the society.

Abel B. Binda

I have been engaging with a lot of community services and have had years of experience in it. I am a good leader when it comes to program planning and engaging community dwellers when it comes to issues affecting them. I also have experience in data management and I have been working with a lot of institutions in managing their student's data. ...


  • I am a certified Network Associate and Routing Engineer of MiKtroTik (MTCNA / MTCRE), a certified Ubiquiti Wireless Broadband Administrator (UBWA), a certified System Administrator (Windows Server 2008 & 2012) (NIIT-Liberia), a certified Siemens Process Control Engineer, and an experienced, enthusiastic Information, Communications T...