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Environmental Engineer / Geographical Information System Engineer (GIS) / Laboratory Technician / Music Writer

I am a Geographical Information System (GIS) Engineer, and an Environmental Engineer with specialty in Environmental wastewater treatment/management.  I am a graduate of the China University of Mining and technology, school of Environment and Spatial Informatics.  I have worked as well as intern with a couple of International companies all over China (P.R), most notably the Xian Beishiqiao Sewage Treatment Plant located in Xian City, shaanxi Province, and  the Xuzhou Jianbang Environmental Water Co., Ltd. Longting sewage treatment plant, Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou city.

As a certified and potent Engineer, I do design of  Wastewater and sewage treatment plants, using various technologies such as : Membrane Bio-reactor  (MBR), Anaerobic-Anoxic-oxic (AAO), Anaerobic/anoxic-oxic (AO), Sequencing batch reactor (SBR) etc.

Currently, I am a Space frame design engineer at Xuzhou LF Engineering & Construction CO., LTD. I do design of space frame projects, such as coal storage, cement warehouse in barrel or dome shape etc.  Also, I do content writing and Translations work. I am also a researcher at Chia University of Mining and Technology.

Software skills: Autodesk (CAD), ArcGIS etc.




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Design Engineer

  •  Oct 2020 - Present

I do design of space frame projects, such as coal storage, cement warehouse in barrel or dome shape etc.  Also, I do content writing and Translations work.


  •  China University Of Mining & Technology
  •  Sep 2016 - Sep 2017

Applied statistical theories and methods to solve practical problems international students were faced with. Designed surveys and opinion pools to collect, analyze and interpret data

Laboratory Technician

  •  Aug 2013 - Aug 2015

Performed medical diagnostic tests, examined and analyzed bodily fluids, matched blood types for patient’s transfusion, as well as tested blood level

Awareness supervisor

  •  National Elections Commission
  •  Sep 2011 - Present

I provided vital civic duty to all registered voters ensuring their rights to vote were preserved.



  •  Tsinghua University
  •  Aug 2021 - Present

Entrepreneurship for Innovating Digital Economy

B.S.c Environmental Engineering

  •  China University of Mining and Technology
  •  Sep 2016 - Jul 2020

Environmental Engineering degree with specialty on wastewater treatment and structures designing.

MEng. Cartography & Geographical Informations Engineering

  •  China University of Mining and Technology
  •  Sep 2020 - Dec 2022

Masters degree in Cartography and Geographical Informations Engineering.

Certificate (Computer Essentials)

  •  NewBirth Empowerment Center
  •  May 2015 - Present

I completed professionalism courses in: Computer Essentials, Professional Etiquette, and Art of Communication.

Certificate (Art)

  •  Child Are Liberia
  •  Oct 2011 - Apr 2012

Certificate level program for youths in cultivating artistic talents.

Diploma (High school)

  •  Sep 2008 - Jun 2011

I completed my secondary education