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Data Entry Manager

I have been engaging with a lot of community services and have had years of experience in it. I am a good leader when it comes to program planning and engaging community dwellers when it comes to issues affecting them.

I also have experience in data management and I have been working with a lot of institutions in managing their student’s data.

I am good at leadership and I have years of experience in it too. I work with so many organizations and I have gotten a lot I certificate when it comes to leadership training.

I currently work as a Gender officer at Messengers Of peace Liberia Inc. and I have work and still working with a lot of other leadership institutions too.

I am as well good at maintaining institutional data. I have had experience in it.

I work with Educational Technology where we enter students’ data and keep it safe for years.


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Data Entry Assistance

  •  E-Tech
  •  Mar 2018 - Mar 2020

At E-Tech, I served as the data entry assistance. Where I enter data information of students and grades at various school on our website that was created by E-Tech.

Gender Officer

  •  Messengers Of Peace Lib- Inc
  •  Apr 2018 - Present

My job at the Messengers of peace is to make sure there is Gender Equality within the office. I am to make sure that gender equality is being observed and everyone is being treated equally and fairly. This is voluntary work I have been doing over the years.

Executive Member

  •  Pan-Afrik volunteer Network
  •  Mar 2019 - Present

At this entity, I work along with the executive team to make sure there are programs in place to support the Sustainable Development Goals. Some of those programs I work to put in place are conferences, workshops, cleaning up campaigns. Through these means, people get to know more about sustainable Development Goals and work towards achieving them. I have been volunteering with this team since 2019 now

Assistant Communication Officer

  •  Emerging Leaders Booth camp
  •  Feb 2021 - Present

At this entity, my job responsibility is to work alongside the communication officer to communicate every activity about the organization. We should make sure to market and sell out the organization in a good manner. Volunteering with them too.


Software Application

  •  Education Advancement Program
  •  Sep 2017 - Jun 2019

At the Education advancement program, we learn basic computer skills in ms word, excel, PowerPoint. This program went for about 1 year.


  •  Kingdom Harvest Academy
  •  Jul 2012 - Jul 2017

This is a high school institution where I learn high education and graduated in July of 2017.


  •  Jonah Online School of Leadership
  •  Mar 2021 - Apr 2021

At this institution, we learned basic skills in leadership. This institution prepared us for the next generation of leaders.